Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How To Cusomize Your T-Shirt To Look Vintage

Who needs to spend a large amount on a t-shirt labeled 'vintage' when you can just make your own at home. With these easy steps you can create your own vintage t-shirt out of your favorite shirt to give it a new edge or out of just anything you find lying around. You will be able to customize your t-shirt to your exact liking and have to satisfaction of knowing it is one of a kind! Plus it is cheap...who can't appreciate that? Now lets get started.

Step One: Make a solution to soak your shirt in by mixing 8 cups of water and 1 and a half cups of salt in a pot. stir the salt until it dissolves and the solution is boiling. Before placing your shirt in the solution make sure it has cooled off, we don't want to shrink our shits. Let your shirt soak in the solution for 3 days.

Step Two: After the 3rd day remove your shirt and wring it out. Then rub super fine sandpaper briefly along the outside and inside to give it that 'worn in some areas' look. Make sure you are gentle when going over any designs or words so that they don't rub off or ruin.

Step Tree: Hang your shirt outside to dry so it can catch some rays and fade into perfection.

Step Four: Quickly rise out your shirt in the sink then wring it out so it is only slightly damp.

Step Five: Now just wash your shirt in the washer and dryer as normal.

There you go, you are done. Feel free to alter any of the steps and experiment with it (this is your shirt not mine), but most importantly have some fun!


  1. We don't want to shrink our....shits???

  2. you have a love for custom t shits?? might want to proofread...

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